Hypnosis Sydney offers a wide range of hypnotherapy and hypnosis services to help you become your best self. As hypnosis taps into the power and resources of your brain and mind, it can be helpful anywhere you are dealing with thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviours, beliefs, reactions, fears, expectations, relationships – in fact, almost anywhere in your life!

Areas where hypnosis can help

Reduce Anxiety & Stress Reduce Anxiety & Stress
Follow a proven approach to address the patterns of thought leading to your feelings of anxiety and stress. Create new patterns of helpful choices and thoughts which help you thrive and cope with all of life’s challenges. Build resilience and live your best life.
Improve Confidence Improve Confidence
Learn how to cope better in unfamiliar and challenging situations. Understand the link between competence and confidence. Gain tools and insight to reinforce a strong sense of worth, value and resilience – even when times are tough.
Stop Smoking Stop Smoking
Rid yourself of the habit of smoking and become a non-smoker from now on. Gain all the health, financial and social benefits of leaving this habit behind for good. Learn techniques to stay on track and maintain your resolve, even around others who smoke.
Improve Performance Improve Performance
Hypnosis can help you improve your focus, concentration and ability to learn and retain information. Build the competence and the confidence to tackle new situations, opportunities and challenges leveraging all of your skills, talent and experience.
Overcome Phobias & Fears Overcome Phobias & Fears
Don’t allow phobias and fears (lifts, insects, heights, flying, public speaking & others) to become a limiting factor in your life. Hypnotherapy can reframe the cause and break down the patterns that lead to your unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
Defeat Depression Defeat Depression
Gain a strong sense of enthusiasm for life, using techniques that can help you change your perspective on what’s possible, and assist you to get there. Build momentum and resilience to overcome inertia and deal with challenges to your progress.
Banish Addictions Banish Addictions
Successfully reduce drinking or deal with other addictive or compulsive behaviours including gambling or drugs. The hypnotic state makes it much easier to fully integrate your commitment to a better you.
Tackle Post Traumatic Stress Tackle Post Traumatic Stress
Break the cycle of past traumatic events impacting on your present day life. Learn how to interrupt unhelpful patterns of memory, thoughts and feelings and regain control over your reactions and responses. Regain your freedom.
Control Weight Control Weight
Set a course to integrate the habits and behaviours needed to manage your weight and reach your desired form. Learn how to consistently eat well, exercise regularly and stay on track to achieve and maintain a healthier you.
Modify Habits & Behaviour Modify Habits & Behaviour
Understand the lifecycle of helpful and unhelpful behaviours and change the meaning and associations that you have created to reduce unwanted behaviours and support new and more positive action.
Reduce Chronic Pain Reduce Chronic Pain
Learn how to use the mind-body connection to reduce your pain and suffering to help live your best life. Learn techniques to lessen the sensation of chronic pain and assist you in gaining additional mobility and freedom.
Maintain Motivation Maintain Motivation
Overcome any tendency to put things off and build confidence in your ability to fulfil your plans and commitments. Learn how to take action consistently and with less stress. Start to create and maintain your motivation and persistence.

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