If you are suffering from depression, then you’ve come to the right place. While depression can be debilitating and draining, the condition does not have to define your life. You are more than your feelings and you can once again take control of your life and your choices to regain your enthusiasm and energy.

Depression goes far beyond simply feeling low and down. We have found that depression can set in after an extended period of dealing with anxiety, and the two conditions are often strongly linked. Anxiety can lead to depression and vice versa. We can help you break the link and regain a sense of control. We can help you with techniques to help you take action and persevere to not only feel better, but do better and be better.

When you’re depressed, we understand that it may appear that there is no way forward. Traditional medicine has a tendency to focus on your physical symptoms and while there is a place for medication for some people, it’s rare that a pharmaceutical solution can truly address a problem that at its core is formed from your thought processes, beliefs and patterns.

Our strategic hypnotherapy approach will help you to realise how much of your life is under your control, and will help you take actions that will build your ability to cope with life. Sometimes you simply cannot access the inner resources you need, and sometimes you will need to learn new resources and techniques to help you cope and thrive.

With depression, we find that clients can need additional supports and more frequent therapeutic sessions to help overcome their inertia and build momentum. Depressed clients often have to break long-standing patterns of assumptions and beliefs, and this process can lead to long-term relief and empowerment. We understand how depression forms and we can help you to break free.

While it may appear that your depression is a part of you that you cannot shift, we can assure you that the patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that you have adopted can be changed, and you can be free to live your life. While your conscious thought processes can be circular and limiting when you’re depressed, we can help you find ways to break through and gain a more optimistic view of life.

How can we help?

Depression is underpinned by unhelpful patterns of thoughts and feelings. We can help you to understand these patterns and change them for the better. Our approach will help you to regain a sense of control in your life. Working together, we will develop a treatment plan that will provide you with tools and guidance to start to develop a more hopeful and optimistic view of the world.

Even though you may have lived with depression for some time, you can start to make the changes you need to live a fuller life. With our help, you can get underway and stay the course.

We also understand that people caring for depressed people can need support and assistance, and we are familiar with the concerns and issues that you will be dealing with.

The next step to addressing your depression

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