An appropriate level of self confidence is one of the keys to living a stress-free and happy life. Confidence in our abilities, including our ability to cope with challenges, makes an enormous difference to our quality of life. Confident individuals can see and take advantage of more of the opportunities that they come across, and are more likely to create their own opportunities – they inherently have a stronger sense of belief that they will succeed.

A lack of confidence can be a substantial barrier – it can hold you back from trying new experiences and taking on new challenges. From all of our experiences, we have formed a set of beliefs about ourselves, our abilities and our limitations. These beliefs are often held below our level of conscious awareness, but they influence our perceptions and can limit the set of actions that we allow ourselves to take.

The link between confidence and competence

We have found that a person’s levels of confidence and competence are often closely linked. If we do not feel competent in an area of life, then our confidence suffers in that area. In that way, our perceptions of our competence can hold back our levels of self-belief and self-confidence. One of the keys to improving our confidence is by improving our perception of self, and recognising the positive relationship that can exist between growing competence and resulting improved confidence.

What causes poor confidence?

Confidence depends on a sound self-assessment, and so a key element is the process and the criteria that you use to assess your skills, abilities, talents and your likelihood of success in any endeavours that you undertake. If your self-assessment is poor, then you will be more likely to avoid situations where you feel out of your depth. On occasion, people can rely on feedback or evidence from sources that really should not be given too much weight, but it can be a challenge to recognise and address this without an external perspective.

Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron string.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

How can we help?

At Hypnosis Sydney, we adopt a structured strategic approach to helping our clients to address their issues with confidence and self-assessment. As with many personal issues, we find that there are generally some common factors that reinforce the experience of low confidence. By addressing these factors in a systematic way, we are able to help our clients recover a strong sense of self-belief and confidence, that can open doors to new opportunities and positive experiences.

The next step to addressing your confidence

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