Whether it’s in the area of sports performance, business performance or any other area of endeavour, the ability to focus and concentrate your resources can be a deciding factor in your success. Being ‘in the zone’ and remaining free of distractions can enable you to produce your best efforts and realise your best results.

Studies1 indicate that mental focus is associated with both performance results and satisfaction. However, under the pressures of competition or performance assessment, we can sometimes lose access to our personal resources and strengths – just when we need them most.

  1. Personality and the Goal-Striving Process: The Influence of Achievement Goal Patterns, Goal Level and Mental Focus on Performance and Enjoyment – Lee, Sheldon & Turban – Journal of Applied Psychology 2003

Performance and focus

We’ve all heard the phrase of being ‘in flow’ or ‘in the zone’ associated with high performance. What this means is the ability to become so focussed on our efforts in the present moment, that we set aside any doubts or worries, and we release our best efforts in pursuit of our goals. Our busy and distracting lives can make this difficult, and professional assistance can really help if you aim for high achievement.

Achieving focus and flow

The ability to access our best resources when we’re under pressure is not easy – it requires technique and practice. Visualisation and rehearsal techniques can prepare your mind to be ready when the time arrives and you need to perform. In the same way that practised drivers do not need to focus on the controls of the car, and can direct their complete focus to the road, similarly mentally practised performers can apply their concentration completely to the task at hand. Distracting thoughts and feelings can be set aside, freeing the mind up to realise the flow state necessary for peak performance.

Great performance is never luck. It takes a lot of focus, heart and hard work

How can we help?

At Hypnosis Sydney, we understand how to help you focus your attention in the moment and bring together your strengths and resources to produce your best effort when you need it. We will help you to mentally rehearse your success until your confidence in the effort and the outcome is maximised. We can help you target your concentration on achieving your best result.

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