In our modern lifestyles, more and more of us are dealing with an increasing degree of stress and anxiety. While we all have stresses to cope with, it’s our individual response that can lead to suffering from anxiety, often on a chronic basis. When anxiety persists in the absence of an actual need to fight or flee, it can not only interfere with our daily lives but also undermine our physical health. Evidence suggests that people with anxiety disorders are at greater risk for developing a number of chronic medical conditions. 

Anxiety often goes unidentified as a source of other disorders, such as substance abuse or physical addiction, that can result from attempts to quell these feelings of anxiety. It’s also often overlooked in the myriad symptoms of chronic conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or migraine headache.

While medical intervention can and often does provide some assistance, hypnotherapy can help to address the underlying thought processes that unwittingly can lead to, and maintain our experience of anxiety.

How common is anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are the most common group of mental health conditions in Australia and affect 1 in 4 Australians at some stage in their life. Anxiety can affect your ability to concentrate, sleep and carry out ordinary tasks at work, home or school. People with anxiety disorders often feel they have to avoid stressful situations and in extreme cases avoid going out altogether. Physical symptoms are common and include shortness of breath, a pounding heart and trembling hands.

What causes anxiety?

Anxiety disorders can be caused by many things. These can include ongoing stress, family background, physical health issues or a traumatic life event. While anxiety can often result in physical symptoms, at its core it is a mental process, often based on a negative expectancy about the future. We can sometimes have a poor ability to assess risks, and it’s common to have circular episodes of over-thinking and pessimism.

Often anxieties arise from our perceived inability to control our environment and deal with the inevitable uncertainties of life. When we’re suffering from anxiety, we often have an unrealistic view of the problem at hand, and we have a tendency to forget our previous accomplishments and coping mechanisms.

How can we help?

At Hypnosis Sydney, we adopt a structured approach to helping our clients to address their anxiety issues. We find that there are generally some factors that are commonly observed across most instances of anxiety, and so we are well prepared to understand your circumstances and help you to find practical ways to improve how you feel, regain a sense of control and make choices that will support your ongoing ability to deal with anxiety.

A key to dealing with your anxiety is to address the unhelpful thought patterns that give rise to your feelings of anxiety. When we’re suffering, it can be challenging to see through our patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. We can help you to use the resources of your unconscious mind to change your patterns and relieve you of the experience of anxiety. We can help you to free up your mind to help you make sustainable change and live a life free of chronic anxiety.

The next step to addressing your anxiety

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