Smoking has become less and less socially acceptable over recent years. More stringent laws and regulations have reduced the spaces where smoking is possible, and the dangers of secondary smoking on the health of others are now more clearly recognised.

There are many reasons that people want to quit smoking. For some, it’s a health issue, and perhaps their medical specialist has advised that they cut back or quit. For others, it’s a financial incentive, as they come to realise the financial impact of this habit, and the opportunities that they forego by continuing to smoke. For others, it’s a social motivation, as increasingly smokers are cut off from social situations in pubs, clubs and restaurants. The reasons for smoking are highly personal, as are the reasons to want to quit.

Stopping smoking is simple in concept, yet difficult to achieve

Every smoker knows that stopping smoking is as simple as never putting another cigarette into their mouth. Yet it proves to be a difficult task for many. While over 70% of smokers want to quit, only about 7% of smokers succeed in quitting each year 1. Smoking can be a long-ingrained habit and pattern of behaviour, and the perceived benefits of smoking are often different from person to person. A person can smoke for several reasons at different times of the day, or in various social situations.

  1. Quit Smoking Fact Sheet

Tackling the causes of smoking

For some, smoking is a relaxation ritual while for others, smoking is a social activity. Some smoke to relieve anxiety while others only smoke over drinks or after meals. To help address the cause of smoking for you, we need to understand your patterns of behaviour, when you smoke and when you don’t, how many you smoke and in what circumstances. We can then help you to identify new strategies and skills to address these patterns, and replace them with patterns that better serve your long-term intention.

How can we help?

At Hypnosis Sydney, we adopt a structured strategic approach to helping our clients to reduce and to stop smoking completely. We have found that there are generally some common factors that contribute to our clients’ smoking and so by addressing these factors, and taking your unique circumstances into account, we can help change habits, modify behaviour and help our clients to become smoke free.

The next step to stopping smoking

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